In the post COVID world, most of us have taken a closer look at our health and are more concerned with staying or getting healthy than we were prior to the pandemic. Food choices, exercise, and adequate rest all play significant roles in our overall health, however one thing that may be often overlooked is gut health. 

A healthy microbiome in our gut is extremely important to every other system in our bodies. In fact, keeping a strong immune system begins here as 70-80% of all immune cells are located in the gut. Considering the unhealthy choices in the typical American diet, one could wonder how the pandemic could have looked a little different for some of us if we were maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. 

Fortunately, having an unhealthy gut microbiome is not an irreversible issue. The microbiome is negatively affected by the choices we make when it comes to digestion and exercise. Sugar, lack of movement, as well as antibiotics, can all have a negative impact on our gut health. 

Contrary to this, exercise, a healthy diet, and quality supplements bring balance and health back to the gut, and consequently every other part of the body. 

Quality probiotic supplements such as lion’s mane gummies are a vital addition to any self care routine. They encourage the growth of healthy gut bacteria, discourage growth of unhealthy bacteria, and make up a large percentage of the overall healthy gut microbiome. Taking probiotic supplements should be a top priority for anyone who wishes to stay healthy.

Do Probiotics Really Work?: Why Probiotics are Necessary
Source: Nouri