6 Simple Ways Dog Owners Can Make Backyards a Safer Space

You may adore your lawn, but it cannot reciprocate your feelings as your dog can. When considering dog-friendly gardening ideas to safeguard your plants and grass, consider what will keep your dog happy as well. A dog-friendly lawn should be where your dog may play while protecting the lawn and garden from dog-related damage.

1- Install a Pet-Friendly Fence

Dogs require a lot of space to play and get the jitters out of their bodies. Installing a pet-friendly fence allows your pooch to stretch their legs safely while also adding privacy and enhancing your property’s value. To guarantee that your fence is pet-friendly, it should be tall enough to stop them from escaping, wiggle-proof, and free of sharp edges.

2- Cut Your Grass Regularly

Ticks will attach themselves to your dog’s skin via the long grasses and bushes in your yard. Regularly mow your lawn and trim down thick, long grasses and eliminate rubbish to keep ticks at bay.

3- Grow Pet-Safe Plants and Flowers

Choose your plants and flowers carefully while planning your dog-friendly lawn. Some plants can become toxic if animals consume them. If your dog will eat almost anything, ensure to only plant dog-safe plants and flowers.

Here are some examples of pet-friendly plants:

• Marigold

• Snapdragon

• Sage

• Cilantro

• Tiger lilies

• Zinnia

• Sunflowers

Here are some examples of plants that are toxic to pets:

• Iris

• Dahlia

• Chrysanthemum

• Lily of the valley

• Hydrangea

• Begonia

• Peony

4- Add a Water Feature

Summers are hot, but they’re much hotter when you’re coated in thick hair like your dog. Dogs need to cool off after a game of fetch in the hot heat, and there’s no better place for them to do so than a doggy splash pool!

If you are more concerned with your lawn’s aesthetics, you may add a water feature, like a fountain or small pond made of smooth (rather than jagged or sharp) stone, for your pup to run in.

5- Create Shade in the Yard

Dogs require plenty of shaded areas to cool down and relax, especially in the heat. If you find your dog digging holes and lying down in them, they’re most likely simply cooling off. More shade might eliminate the need for them to dig.

Increase the amount of shade in your yard by adding a doghouse, planting tall trees, and putting up a pergola, awning, or another type of covering.

6- Build a Dog Path

Your dog’s natural impulse will be to patrol your backyard and guard your home. Dogs have a habit of running the same paths in the backyard, wearing down your grass and creating brown streaks in their wake. Rather than restricting your dog from patrolling, create a gorgeous and polished dog trail in your backyard.

Make a way over your dog’s tracks with a pet-friendly ground cover. If you don’t already have a route, make one around the perimeter of your yard or up against the fence. Since a fast dog will cut corners, make sure your dog path has smooth curves rather than straight angles.

With these inexpensive dog-friendly backyard ideas, you’ll be able to create a lovely and exciting outdoor place for your furry friend.