The roles of nurses have continued to evolve ever since the days of Florence Nightingale – and the drive that saw her ignore the restrictions of her social class is echoed by the passion that the majority of modern-day nurses today exhibit for their chosen profession. However, nursing is a tremendously challenging profession. Nurses are dealing with issues of life and death on a daily basis. But there is another issue that is increasingly bothering nurses – and this is the fact that while ministering to the physical needs of patients they are often ignoring the other needs that these patients might have. 

These needs include not only physical, but also mental, social, and spiritual needs as well. For many nurses, the scope of this sort of care falls far outside what they are expected to do in their everyday activities. The fact that recent research has indicated that this sort of holistic approach is absolutely essential in ensuring the wellbeing of patients has not escaped RNs.

This has had a direct effect on motivation – for many nurses the passion that they once had for their job is being replaced by a sense of despair. 

Fortunately, the idea that patient well-being is based on more than just bodily health has been addressed by those who are dedicated to the idea of a holistic approach – and these people are part of The Nurse Coach Collective. This group is also dedicated to providing those who want to enjoy a more fulfilling life as a nurse by empowering them with the tools that they need to provide much more than simple care for the body – but to take into account that a human being is a sum of its parts. Human beings require more. They want to be active parts of their communities, they want to socialize and they want to enjoy mindfulness that makes them valued by not only those around them – but ensures that they feel a sense of self-worth.

One of the ways that nurses can elevate the services that they provide to patients is to become more than just a registered nurse and become a nurse health coach. The Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program is the path to greater fulfillment in the career in nursing. It provides nurses with the skills that they need in order to move away from the traditional role of symptom management – and become holistic care providers who are able to guide patients on a path towards total wellness.

It has long become apparent that the traditional approach to nursing, one that focuses exclusively on the body offers nothing more than a ‘quick fix’. Patients who have undergone the trauma of chronic illness or surgery often find themselves floundering long after their physical symptoms have disappeared. The reasons are readily apparent. Patients require much more than just physical care that focuses on symptoms. They also require coaching in a variety of other areas if they are to enjoy a better quality of life. Other aspects of their lives need to be addressed.

These other factors can include diet, ease of movement and physical activity, mindfulness, optimization of sleep patterns, relationships, management of medication, emotional support and more. Without attention being paid to these areas the patient may appear to be physically well – but may not flourish. Patients need to take ownership of their own path to full wellness and all that this approach entails.

Becoming a Board-Certified Nurse Health Coach can empower a nurse and restore their passion for nursing, a job that requires much more than rote repetition of actions. It is a job that attracts those who enjoy helping people. 

It is important that the nurse who wants to make a real difference in the lives of patients have the appropriate certification. This is not only to ensure that he or she has the skills to empower patients with the tools they need to enjoy complete wellness, but also that patient is reassured that the professional that they are dealing with is equipped to provide them with the advice and assistance they require to become well from the inside out. 

The fact that this course and certification criteria have been designed by nurses for nurses is one that is not lost on those who embark on their next steps as RNs. These are professionals who have been in a nurse’s shoes – they are well aware of the pressures and of the disillusionment that can come from being a nurse and being restricted to the traditional ways of doing things. As a nurse health coach you will be in possession of not only a certificate but also a member of an ever-growing community.  

Becoming a nurse health coach is much more than just the next step on a career path, it is a way to rediscover a passion – and make a real, lasting difference in the lives of patients.

To Learn More about becoming a certified Nurse Coach visit The Nurse Coach Collective.