Anyone who has ever owned a pet knows the feeling of having to leave them behind when going on vacation. For bird owners, this can be an even tougher experience. Birds are social creatures and need interaction in order to stay healthy and happy. Here are some tips on what to do with your bird when you go on vacation.

Why you shouldn’t leave your bird home alone

For one, there is an issue when it comes to food and water. Birds will often eat as much as you give them. So unlike a cat, which will often only eat what they need, so for the most part they won’t gorge themselves. If a bird overeats it can develop health issues such as obesity. A bird’s water also needs to be changed at least daily as it gets dirty very quickly, especially if the bird decides to bathe (or poop!) in it.

Secondly, a bird is a social creature that needs companionship, so leaving your bird home alone when you go on even the shortest vacation is not a good idea. Your bird will get lonely and depressed without you there, and this can lead to behavioral problems such as feather plucking.

Birds are also very curious creatures, and they will explore every nook and cranny of your home, or their enclosure, while you’re gone. This can be dangerous, as they may find things that they shouldn’t chew on or eat. They may also fly into something and hurt themselves or even gravely injure themselves.

So if you’re going on vacation, make arrangements for someone to check in on your bird every day. Or better yet, take your feathered friend to a vet that has the facilities for boarding birds!

Why You Should Board Your Bird

Leaving your bird home alone can be dangerous for a number of reasons that we have already touched on. So let’s talk about the benefits of choosing the right place to board your bird!

Leaving your bird under the care of a professional isn’t only the best choice for the health and happiness of your bird, it’s also the best choice for you to actually enjoy your vacation. The last thing you want while you are supposed to be completely worry free and enjoying yourself is to be concerned about the welfare of your avian companion.

Knowing that your feathery friend is under the proper care will give you the peace of mind to completely relax while you are away and allow you to really take advantage of your amazing trip.

What to Look for in a Bird Boarding Facility

Reviews online are a great place to start, but don’t make a decision until you have actually taken a look at the facilities where you bird will be boarded during your time away. Are they clean? Is there plenty of space for them to enjoy themselves or are they going to be locked into a lonely cage? Your vacation should be their vacation as well.

If you feel like it’s the right place, then the next step is to take your bird in to meet the people that work at the facility. Birds have an innate ability to sense if someone is a bird person or not. If your bird doesn’t seem to like them, then neither should you. They are the one who will have to stay in their care while you are away so make sure that you take their reaction into account.

In conclusion, birds should never be left alone for extended periods of time – they need socialization, companionship and general care while you are away on vacation. Consider boarding your bird if you plan to go away for a while. We hope this article helps to give some perspective on what to do with your bird while you are away!