Innovation in healthcare management has seen leaps and bounds in recent years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when providers found new ways to care for patients while keeping them as safe as possible. Yet those in the healthcare industry recognize that many opportunities for improvement still exist.

We live in a digital era where information and communication are readily available and always at our fingertips. Unfortunately, some providers have yet to embrace these changes fully and implement essential healthcare innovation tools to better their patients, staff, and overall operation. 

3 Networking Healthcare Innovations to Implement 

Innovation in healthcare management benefits all who are involved in the care process, from providers to patients and everyone in between. Explore three of the most useful innovations to consider implementing in a healthcare facility.

1. Telehealth Availability 

Many providers implemented telehealth services to combat the spread of COVID-19. But unfortunately, not all took advantage of this revolutionary healthcare innovation, and even some who did have since stopped providing these services.

Continuing to offer telehealth services delivers many advantages to both providers and patients. Some of these include:

  • Preventing the spread of infectious illnesses
  • Improving patient comfort and convenience
  • Providing enhanced accessibility for rural patients

2. Electronic Recall Communications 

It’s no secret that many suppliers and healthcare providers still rely on outdated recall communication methods. Thousands of recalls occur yearly, some of which may put patients at serious risk of illness, injury, and even death.

Yet it’s not uncommon for providers to receive notifications by mail, resulting in the continued use of faulty medical devices or drugs for weeks. Providers may receive notices that don’t apply to their patients or duplicate notifications, which can quickly lead to recall fatigue and miscommunication.

Electronic recall notification software is a game-changer for providers and their patients affected by recalls. By implementing this key healthcare innovation tool, providers can receive recall notices in real-time and eliminate duplicate and non-applicable notifications, resulting in happier, healthier patients. 

3. Mobile Technology 

Mobile technology presents new opportunities in healthcare innovation, including allowing patients to communicate with their providers from their devices. These valuable communication tools, offered provided through mobile apps or online, may include:

  • Prescription information
  • Appointment reminders
  • Scheduling services
  • Messaging services
  • Test results
  • Billing details

Innovation in Healthcare Management Improves Patient Experiences

Tech companies are pursuing healthcare innovation for a good reason; it’s a largely unexplored market that can benefit the lives of patients located across the nation. There are always opportunities for technological growth in the healthcare sector, and these tools will help those working in the industry to overcome today’s challenges while improving patient experiences.