If you looked in the mirror today and saw a stained smile reflection, would you run to the store to buy an at-home whitening solution or call the dentist to schedule a whitening appointment?

Like most, you would probably run to the nearest store to begin whitening your teeth at home. While this option does cost less, the results are not immediate, and the risks are higher than in-office treatment.

The Benefits of Whitening Your Teeth at the Dentist

1.      Fast Results

Both at-home and in-office treatments will use the same main ingredient to whiten teeth: hydrogen peroxide. In most at-home solutions, you’ll find the product contains only 3% to 20% of hydrogen peroxide, while in-office treatments use from 15% to over 40%. This means the solution that dentists use provides more dramatic results in a shorter amount of time.

In-office bleaching treatments at Dynamic Dental offer the best results for significant stains in just one hour. At-home solutions typically take two to four weeks to see results.

2.      Impressive, Longer-Lasting Results

When you see a dentist for teeth whitening, you receive entire care before, during, and after treatment. Before performing the service, the dentist will thoroughly examine your overall dental health to determine if you’re a qualified teeth whitening candidate. They will remove extra plaque, and if any restorations are required, you will be given more treatment options before whitening.

Unlike whitening toothpaste and strips that work to remove surface discoloration, in-office treatments apply a protective gel to your gums and then apply a highly effective cleaning agent to your teeth. The bleaching agent is activated by a special light and penetrates from within, making results more impressive.

3.      Reduced Risks

If you are a qualified candidate for bleaching, the dentist will monitor how your teeth and gums respond to the treatment. This ensures the treatment causes minimal gum irritation and tooth sensitivity. If the treatment is painful for a patient, the dentist can stop immediately.

When using at-home solutions, it’s common to leave strips and gels on too long, causing sensitivity, irritation, and tooth dehydration. If the peroxide from the at-home treatment stays on the gums, it causes many problems like pain while eating and drinking.

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