Guide to Bringing a Puppy Home

Welcoming a puppy home means welcoming a new member to the family. But welcoming a puppy in an apartment or in a house has many surprises in store for you, and not necessarily the most pleasant! From chewed pillows to soiled rugs, potty training a puppy takes a lot of patience and organization. So how do you welcome a puppy home? Follow the guide to make your new furry friend feel right at home in no time!

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List of equipment to welcome a puppy

What does it take to bring a puppy home? Get everything on this list to help your pup settle into their new home with peace of mind.

1. A nice basket or doghouse to make him feel at home

To welcome a puppy home, you must provide him with a place where he can sleep and rest. If your puppy has to spend several hours alone at home, you will need to train him to learn to go in his basket. He may even like to spend time in the comfort of his own little corner! Welcoming a puppy of about 2 months at home means that he will not yet be used to being left alone. He’ll probably scratch at the door and cry to get into your bed, but don’t give in! It’s in the first moments at home that he will get used to it, so send him back to his basket or his kennel even if it’s hard to resist his loving eyes.

2. Enough food and water

In order to welcome a puppy at home, feed him with the products he is used to. In the beginning, any new food can cause him digestive problems and cause various accidents throughout the house, especially if you have just welcomed a puppy of 2 months or less. Identify a suitable, slightly elevated spot to put your puppy’s bowl. Place a few rags or napkins underneath to absorb spills during hectic mealtimes. Also make sure your dog has fresh water at all times of the day, especially if you have to be away.

Keep a box of heavy-duty Lotus tissues near your pup’s bowl, in case he spills his food all over the place in the excitement of the moment.

3. Dog toys to entertain him

When they are awake, puppies are real balls of energy and need a lot to be occupied. What does it take to welcome a rambunctious puppy into the home? To prevent your belongings from getting chewed up or even in pieces, plan a few dog toys before welcoming a puppy into the house. Rubber chew bones are great as they will keep your pup busy while helping to maintain their teeth. A toy that has it all!

4. An enclosure or barriers to delimit its space

Teach your puppy which parts of the house he can explore and which parts he can’t. Barriers are good equipment to welcome a puppy and teach him to respect the rules, especially at the beginning. If you have young children, they may also not want to leave the puppy alone. Putting it in a playpen or enclosure can help you prevent children from disturbing the puppy when it wants to sleep or rest.

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5. Equipment and cleaning products to fix his mistakes

When welcoming a puppy into an apartment for the first time, expect a few minor accidents on the carpet. Difficult to wait for the time of the walk! The sooner you train your pup to go outside on walks, the better your mats will be protected. Have plenty of super-absorbent toilet paper such as Lotus on hand to wipe up any stains and make sure you’re up to speed on carpet cleaning techniques.

Involve the whole family in the cleaning process. Having a puppy is a great way to teach younger members of the family to take responsibility.

If allergic friends come to visit, be sure to clean the house well so that hair and residue on surfaces do not cause them to have a coughing fit. Be sure to leave boxes of Lotus tissues in the house just in case.

Knowing how to welcome a puppy into a new home requires the effort of the whole family. If necessary, create a schedule so that everyone in the house takes turns feeding and taking the puppy out and cleaning up any mess. This will allow him to get used to his new family in no time!