Can a puppy eat sweet potatoes

Have you recently adopted a puppy and are wondering if it can eat sweet potatoes? This vegetable has numerous advantages for people, but is it also beneficial to dogs? It’s finally time to find out!

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A puppy dog on a leash sits on the grass with the leash.

To begin, a recently weaned puppy requires proper nutrients in order to develop well. As a result, veterinarians suggest that the optimum nourishment at this period is food. Can we, however, supplement their diet? Have a look!

Look into the advantages of sweet potatoes.

For individuals who follow a healthy eating regimen, sweet potato is one of the most popular selections. It contains vitamins and mineral salts, although it is not a high-calorie meal. Examine its nutritional value:

Dietary fibers and proteins: essential for regulating the intestine and having good digestion; vitamins A, E, C, and K, in addition to the B complex vitamins: essential for dogs, particularly during the growth phase; calcium, potassium, manganese, iron, and zinc: contribute to proper body functioning.
All of the vitamins and minerals listed above should be included in the dog’s diet. Calcium, for example, is required for bone and tooth production.

As a result, a puppy can have sweet potatoes in moderation. Also, you must exercise caution while making the meal and rely on the veterinarian’s advice.

sweet potato used sparingly

With so many benefits, you may feed your dog sweet potato, but only in moderation. It might be given as a treat or as an incentive on occasion.

After all, dogs have a lot of energy, especially pups, and their curiosity knows no bounds. Yet, we underline that the meal includes all of the benefits listed above, therefore sweet potatoes should be served with caution owing to the high calorie content.

How do you cook sweet potatoes for puppies?

The attention required in preparing nutritious meals, such as sweet potato for pups, is just as crucial. Because of the presence of solanine, never serve raw food.

Another consideration is that certain seasonings are toxic to pets. As a result, if you wish to feed sweet potatoes to dogs, you must first learn how to prepare them. Check it out in the video below!

prepared in water

Boiling sweet potatoes in water is a straightforward process. To begin, take a medium sweet potato, peel it, and thoroughly wash it. Next cut into little pieces and place on a low heat.

Be cautious as it begins to boil. Insert a fork into the potato after 12 minutes. Turn off the heat if she’s soft. Remove the water and mash the sweet potato until it resembles a puree. Anticipate to totally cool down before forming little balls and offering them to your puppy.

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The puppy dog is eating something from the bowl.


Peel and thoroughly wash the sweet potato in the same manner. Place little pieces in the steamer. The benefit is that steamed food retains more nutrients. Dog can eat boiling sweet potato, and he really enjoys it!


In such scenario, thinly slice the sweet potato and bake it for around 15 minutes in a medium oven before serving it to your pet as a snack. Just keep it modest, please. Because the majority of people enjoy it!

Organic veggies should always be preferred. When making meals, never add spice or salt. In addition, his taste differs from ours, as does our organism from his. So no feeding leftovers to pets.

Other veggies can dogs consume in moderation?

See a list of additional veggies that a puppy can eat now that you know sweet potatoes may be eaten in moderation and do not replace kibble. The same procedures, such as cleaning and boiling the food, must be taken.

Other carbohydrate sources that can be given to pups in moderation include:

Mandioquinha is high in complex carbohydrates, potassium, calcium, and vitamin C; brown rice is high in nutrients, minerals, and B vitamins; and white rice is high in vitamins, magnesium, iron, and zinc. Nevertheless, it contains more carbs than brown rice, thus it must be fed with caution to dogs.
B vitamins are abundant in English potatoes; oats are abundant in fiber, protein, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, manganese, and vitamins; and lentils are abundant in B vitamins, zinc, proteins, and antioxidants.
Although such items are not harmful to dogs, it is critical that your pet’s doctor recommends a diet. If you wish to feed your pet a natural diet, always contact a professional.

If your dog consumes dry food, even as a treat, you cannot feed it all at once. These are minor sums that might be used as compensation or as advised by the veterinarian.

A puppy dog sits on the grass.
If you enjoyed learning which puppies can eat sweet potatoes, be sure to learn more about the world of canine nutrition! We have a lot of relevant information in the Petz blog. Have a great time!