Calculating an honest ROI for your organization can be challenging, especially when the metrics are murky. It can take between 55 to 177 hours to create 20 minutes of corporate learning, and employees may need to sacrifice their working hours to complete these training sessions. 

Professionals are encouraged to go digital with their training, as it can eliminate the high costs associated with in-person training and utilize learners’ own devices as a method of distributing training. Professionals should also widely share their metrics to demonstrate the impact of learning and development. They can do so by inviting leadership to a Slack channel specifically dedicated to posting relevant L&D achievements each week or sharing a slideshow to company departments showcasing the benefits of the L&D campaign. 

It is best to find solutions that help you create and launch learning and development programs quickly, and that have built-in nudging capabilities. Therefore, investing in a tool like Arist can streamline the process of measuring your program’s ROI. Arist is a science-backed microlearning platform designed to help professionals effectively measure ROI through revenue by attaching value to modern KPIs.

Compared to common online learning platforms, Arist costs less time, money, and energy. LinkedIn Learning, a common online content library, costs $180K per 1,000 learners. On the other hand, Arist is estimated to cost $96K per 1,000 learners, with an average of $480K of annual savings.

Measuring the ROI of corporate learning
Source: Arist