7 Tips for Finding a New House That Works for Your Pets Too

When searching for a new home for your family, it is important to consider your pet’s needs, too. From a fenced-in yard to hardwood floors and everything in between, the home you choose greatly impacts your pet’s well-being and safety. Here are seven things to consider when finding the perfect property to call your new home.

1- Find a Home With a Fenced in Yard

While fenced-in yards offer you privacy, they also keep your pets safe and away from traffic. In addition, fences can prevent wildlife from entering your property and harming your pets. However, bear in mind the size of your pet when choosing the height of your fence. For example, a shorter fence may prevent your chihuahua from escaping but is easily scalable for larger breeds like German shepherds.

2- Consider Homes With Hardwood Floors

Hardwood and linoleum floors are much easier to keep clean than carpets, which is something to consider if you have young or old pets prone to accidents. In addition, it’s easier to sweep up pet hair, which is beneficial if your breed has long fur or sheds a lot.

3- Look for Nearby Parks

If you enjoy walking your dog in the mornings, check if pet-friendly parks are nearby. Keeping your pet active is crucial to maintaining their health. In addition, homes located near parks tend to be situated in areas with less traffic, making it safer for your pet to enjoy.

4- Choose a Single-Story Home

As your pet ages, they may experience mobility issues, making it difficult to navigate the stairs. Ranch-style homes are generally preferable and easier for you and your pet to move around. In addition, single-story homes are usually more energy-efficient.

5- Make Sure Your Home Has a Mudroom

While mudrooms serve various purposes, they are especially handy for pet owners. For example, you can place a litterbox or your dog’s crate in the mudroom away from the central portion of your home. They are also excellent for cleaning dirty paws and storing pet supplies.

6- Locate a Nearby Veterinary Clinic

By finding a home near a veterinary hospital, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with quick access to emergency healthcare for your pet. You will also save money on travel, which is beneficial if your pet becomes sick and needs frequent checkups.

7- Select a Home Near a Great Boarding Facility

If you enjoy traveling, you understand the importance of locating a good boarding facility for your pet. Try to make sure that the home you choose is near a five-star facility with a veterinarian on site. This way, you can leave town knowing that your furry friend is in safe hands.
If you find locating a property that meets your pet’s needs challenging, consider hiring a professional real estate firm. A real estate company can help you find the right home to fit your family’s needs that is also within your budget. Hiring the right realtor can make the home-buying process more manageable and less stressful. Additionally, ask about incentives or other special services the firm offers specifically for pet owners.