7 Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe Around a Swimming Pool

Swimming pools, including the luxurious option of a basement swimming pool, are the perfect place to enjoy spending time outside on a beautiful day. Many pet owners love the idea of a pool, but you might be concerned about keeping your furry friend safe. Fortunately, you can use these tips to keep your pet safe near your home’s swimming pool, whether it’s located outdoors or as an indoor feature, throughout the summer season.

1- Start Safety Training Right Away

As with any new feature you add to your home, you’ll want to establish some basic ground rules with your pet. For instance, pets shouldn’t drink pool water, which usually contains sanitizing chemicals. Plus, pets are more likely to fall into the pool when they’re getting a drink.

2- Teach Your Pet to Swim

Many dogs naturally enjoy swimming, but your pet might need some guidance to learn how to do so well. If you teach your dog to swim, then make sure to monitor them throughout their lives. Older dogs sometimes lose their former swimming skills, and a life vest is always a good idea for helping pets of all ages stay safer in the water.

3- Build a Fence Around the Perimeter

Placing a fence around the perimeter of your swimming pool may help you stay in compliance with local codes and ordinances. Fences are also one of the most effective preventative measures that you can use to keep your pet safe. Just make sure that the fence slats are close enough together that your pet can’t squeeze through.

4- Install Pet Ramps or Stairs

Pool designs often include zero-depth entries and stairs that you can teach your pet how to access from the water. Or, you might want to install an extra pet exit ramp or stairs near the outer edges of your pool. Including swim-out loungers and sun tanning ledges in the pool design gives you a way to include exit points naturally while enhancing your enjoyment of the space.

5- Use a Pool Alarm

Parents and pet owners alike can enjoy greater peace of mind when they know that they’ll receive an alert if the worst-case scenario should happen. Ideally, you never need the pool alarm, but having one in the water lets you know if a rescue might be necessary. Today, you can find smart pool alarms that will sound an auditory signal while also sending an alert to your phone at any time of day or night.

6- Consider an Above Ground Pool

Above ground pools are often a more suitable option for people who have lots of pets that might not respond to proper training. With an above ground pool, you can simply remove the ladder and make sure that there isn’t anything your pet could climb on to get inside. Your family will still be able to enjoy the water, and your pet can romp around the yard as much as they like.

7- Never Leave Your Pet Unattended

Nothing can replace proper supervision when it comes to pool safety. Ideally, your pet should never be left around an unsecured pool, even if they know how to swim. Unless your pool is covered or fenced, make sure to go outside with your pet and enjoy the day together.

As a pet owner, your furry friend’s safety is your primary concern. But, you can still enjoy having a pool by making sure to brush up on a few safety guidelines. Once you’ve installed your pool, make sure to keep it maintained and inspect the fence, cover, and ladder regularly to make sure they are still working to keep your pet safe.