What makes an app successful? The answer to this question is unsurprisingly complex. Is the app usable? Is there a reason to use the app over physical alternatives? Does the app offer rewards and perks? How often does the app fail or crash? All of these are relevant concerns for any successful loyalty rewards app.

Looking at restaurant apps, for example, Chick-fil-a tops the App Store charts. For a food service app the most important features are perks and practicality. Chick-fil-a for example offers an exclusive perks and points system through the app. Other top rated apps such as McDonald’s and Dominos have these same advantages. 

Meanwhile, looking at travel apps, the most important factor is reliability and practicality. The Fly Delta app tops these charts because it’s reliable, more reliable than other flight apps at the very least. Other services like Lyft and Uber rely on solid UI alongside reliability to remain high on the charts. 

Finally on shopping apps the most important variable is practicality. Apps like Etsy and Nike may not have too many exclusive deals, but they’re easier than physical shopping. Each of these top rated apps across categories excels at what they need to. The most important question any app needs to ask is why it should be used over other alternatives. These top apps have answered this question.

How Do Consumers Rate the Top Loyalty Rewards Apps