It’s a well-known concept that beginning a business is not an easy endeavor. Despite the many challenges, however, becoming your own boss is a goal that many have because the benefits can far outweigh the challenges when the venture is successful. As someone who has traveled the path of becoming their own boss, Dave Pascht knows this first-hand. As a marketing professional, entrepreneur, and cryptoenthusiast, Dave Pascht turned his passion into a lucrative business through perseverance, hard work, and knowledge.

It’s with his unique experience as a successful entrepreneur that Dave Pascht understands the demand that creating your own business requires and the dedication that it takes to nurture your venture from the ground up. That’s why we’ve asked Dave Pascht to share 4 tips for launching your first eCommerce business.

Plan Ahead

Many future entrepreneurs have an idea and simply attack it with full force. While this mindset is an important one to have to some extent, the endeavor itself needs to be given the time and attention it deserves to flourish for it to grow in the long term. This means a lot of planning and a respect for strategy that comes with patience. This includes planning the future of your brand from every angle. It’s important to strategize the amount of time that you can allot to your venture, planning the amount of money you have saved for your venture, and the like. All of these things are important to be prepared for ahead of time so that you can grow your venture confidently. 


Understanding your brand and having a clear way for your audience to connect to said branding is important. While having an idea is the first step, being able to market that idea should come directly after it. In the marketing world, successful and innovative branding is everything. With so many great ideas in the world today, it takes more than just a smidge of creativity to grab the attention of the average audience member. Today, marketing your eCommerce brand requires strong branding, marketing, and a face for your journey. And if you’re looking for ideas to improve and expand your online retail business, you should understand and always be ahead of eCommerce trends.


While an easy path to success is the ideal, it’s very rare that the road to success comes without a few bumps in the road. That’s why being prepared for any issue that may arise is a necessity. By being prepared with the knowledge, resources, and funds to troubleshoot your issues, the bad simply becomes a blip rather than the reason your venture ends. By going into your venture with a plan for the possible, you’re going in with confidence that your brand can survive every up and down.

Never Stop

It’s easy to gain a bit of success and assume that you’ve come to the bench at the end of your road to success that you can rest on. If you want to keep and beat your previous success, it’s important that you never stop growing your business. Whether it’s creating new ideas, marketing to new audiences, or hiring new innovators for your venture, it’s important to know that this endeavor should be seen as a long-term fight. Those who meet the most success are those constantly seeking it.

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