Have you heard of a successful person who sleeps in every day, wakes up slow, and start planning their day well past noon? Probably not. That’s because most successful people have a morning routine that allows them a fresh start to the new day. These high performers know that having and maintaining success is a step by step process and putting the best foot forward every day is the only way to continue down the path of success.

As a leader in the marketing field, Douglas James knows the importance of a morning routine first-hand. Douglas James knows that to keep his status as a high performer in his industry, he has to wake up every day with a purpose and passion to see that purpose through with a heavy dose of hard work. That’s why Douglas James is taking the time to share 4 success secrets that high performers do each morning.

Start Early

Starting your day early can be the difference between a productive day where you get a head start on the day’s activities or feel rushed and behind on your tasks. Getting a jump start on the day allows enough time for your mind and body to wake up before being thrown into any high-impact tasks that require the most from you. That means that when the time comes to be your best, you’re ready for it – even if it’s at a nine o’clock meeting. As a high-ticket marketing expert, Douglas James utilizes this early morning time regularly to build his success. 


While waking up early is a great idea, it’s also important to do something productive to set yourself up for success in that time frame. One great way to prep for your day is through a workout. Exercising helps you start your day off right physically and mentally. So, whether it’s taking the dog for a long walk or attending a class at the gym, getting active is a great resource for high-impact performers!

Stay Consistent

As a Marketing Pro, Douglas James knows that anything can be done for a day, but success is built over time. That’s why starting and maintaining these healthy routines is the most important aspect. Success will happen in the consistency! No one knows that consistency is important than an entrepreneur like Douglas James.  

If you find yourself with a million ideas, but without the routine to see them through, now is the time to set yourself up for success with a morning routine! Whether it’s starting the day with an exercise to set your energy levels up or getting a jump start on the day’s to do list, the importance of an AM schedule shouldn’t be underestimated.

If you’re looking to become a more productive and successful professional, it’s important to learn from the best. As a high-performing entrepreneur and marketing professional, Douglas James is among them! Learn more about Douglas James and keep up with the work that he’s doing on this CoinReviews.io interview.