Portrait of young couple after argument standing separately with hands folded over blackboard background

The coronavirus pandemic, as with any infectious virus or disease, has created a nightmare for people around the world. The physical, emotional, and psychological impacts have been severe, with one of the end results being a 50% increase in divorce inquires

This trend isn’t unique to America, either. Just like the virus, it originated in China and has since spread to the world. The same thing happened during the SARS epidemic, as well. A closer look reveals why divorce rates rise as a virus subsides. 

Increased Time Spent Together

One the main reasons behind couples seeking a separation is the increased amount of time they spend together in quarantine or lockdown. On average, dual-income couples spend roughly three hours and thirty minutes together on any given weekday. Increase that time to 24/7, and problems are likely to arise. 


Now spending 24/7 together, couples begin to notice things they previously overlooked about their partner. They may realize their partner is a clean freak, doesn’t care about social distancing, or simply has habits that went unnoticed with a regular schedule. Those quirks and differences can add up and create animosity. 

Lackadaisical Response

One of the main differences couples face is their response to the pandemic. One partner may be adamant about safety protocols while the other is more laid back. These differences cause a divide, but they can easily create relationship-shattering arguments when children are involved. 


On the flip side, some people become paranoid and overprotective during an epidemic. Creating strict protocols and enforcing them can make the other partner feel as though they are trapped or being controlled, which is unhealthy under any circumstances.


Research shows that divorce rates rise based on stress. Incidents like chronic illness, the death of a child, and deployment or drafting in wartime can all be contributing factors that place whatever is missing from a marriage in the spotlight. Lockdown has that same stress-inducing ability. 

As patience runs short, stress begins to compound and partners lose their ability to overlook each other’s mistakes and quirks. Communication is the key to keeping all of these incidents from leading to divorce, but having quality conversation when stressed out is a daunting challenge. 

Open Communication

Before rushing to Orange County divorce attorneys or estate planning attorneys in Sacramento, it’s vital that couples learn better communication skills if they want their marriage to succeed. This is true in and out of a pandemic. Partners must be able to talk about their frustrations, needs, and desires in a healthy way. 

Of course, no good conversation can be had if partners are unwilling to work with one another through their issues. Those that are willing must practice active listening, compassion, and understanding for positive communication and healing to take place. 

By talking these issues out, couples grow stronger and closer to one another. If you try having these discussions but it only drives you and your partner further apart, then it’s likely the two of you were headed in that direction to begin with.