Self-Care Tips for Sexual Harassment Survivors

Ask a doctor, therapist, or any sexual harassment attorney in California, and you’ll learn that the fallout from sexual harassment can be devastating.  There are numerous deleterious physical and psychological effects that are born of harassment, and in order to counteract them, survivors can learn a few self-care strategies that allow them to stay healthy […]

How to Cope with Sudden Disability

Suddenly becoming disabled is not only a physical challenge, but a mental and emotional one as well. Roughly 40 million Americans, or 12.6% of the population, live with disabilities every day. Their day-to-day lives are drastically altered, as are their financial situations.  If you have recently become a part of that demographic, learning to cope […]

Reasons Why the Pandemic Is Driving So Many Couples to Divorce

The coronavirus pandemic, as with any infectious virus or disease, has created a nightmare for people around the world. The physical, emotional, and psychological impacts have been severe, with one of the end results being a 50% increase in divorce inquires.  This trend isn’t unique to America, either. Just like the virus, it originated in […]

Psychological Impacts of Fatal Vehicular Accidents to Survivors

Most people associate injuries and damages with a car accident, but did you know that each wreck comes with psychological impacts as well? The scope of these impacts varies depending on the severity of the accident, making those involving fatalities the worst for survivors. What’s even more difficult is dealing with grief after losing a […]