Is it your dream to work with animals? For people who love animals, choosing a career that helps them can be fun and rewarding, but the possibilities are endless. If you’re having trouble deciding what to study, you’re not alone. 

There are a variety of great careers for people who love animals. Some require years of education, and others you can apply for today. Whether you want to work outside or in an office, there’s an animal-related job for you. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, keep reading for some ideas. Here are 5 exciting jobs for people who love animals. 

1. Aquarist

An aquarist is responsible for taking care of the fish and other aquatic animals that live in an aquarium or zoo. This important role requires knowledge, dedication, and organization. Hundreds of creatures will depend on you each day. 

Aquarists make sure the dietary needs of their residents are met. They must also notice and respond when an animal becomes sick or shows signs of stress. Technical skills are needed to maintain tanks and the equipment that keeps them running.  

Most aquarists have at least a four-year degree in marine biology, zoology, or aquaculture. 

2. Veterinary Technician

Veterinary technicians need to be comfortable working with people and animals. As a vet tech, you’ll welcome pets and their humans into the office and help them get settled. 

Vet techs also help the veterinarian with tasks such as drawing blood, placing catheters, and ordering lab tests. In some veterinary offices, they assist with surgery. Check out this post to learn more about how vet techs spend their time at work.

In this role, you will also take medical notes and provide care instructions for pet owners. In most states, becoming a veterinary technician requires at least an associate’s degree. It can be a great first step if you eventually want to attend vet school. 

3. Wildlife Biologist

If you love to work outside, consider studying wildlife biology. Wildlife biologists plan and conduct research to understand how animals behave and interact with humans. 

They work for governments, universities, and independent organizations. Wildlife biologists often help make decisions that protect animal populations, so this can be one of the best jobs for people who love animals.  

To become a wildlife biologist, you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology or a related field. Some wildlife biologists continue on to graduate school, especially if they want to work in an academic setting.

4. Wildlife Photographer

Does photographing animals in their natural habitat sound like a dream job? If you have the talent and a strong sense of adventure, you can be a wildlife photographer. 

To succeed, you’ll need some basic photography training and the right equipment. A solid understanding of animal behavior is also a plus. Plan to be out in the wild for days at a time, waiting for your subjects to make an appearance. 

Are you more of an indoor type? Maybe you should open a pet portrait studio. Pet parents love to display photos of their fur babies, after all. 

5. Ecotourism Guide

Ecotourism guides teach travelers about the wildlife and environment where they live. As a guide, you’ll lead tour groups in search of animals and teach them about nature and sustainability along the way. 

Ecotourism guides work everywhere – deserts, jungles, and beaches all provide habitat for thousands of plants and animals. 

You don’t necessarily need a degree to become an ecotourism guide, but knowledge and passion are essential. 

People Who Love Animals Should Work With Them

There are so many places where people who love animals can work. Now that you have a few ideas, it’s time to pursue your dreams!

Do your own research and talk to individuals who already have the jobs you’re interested in. There’s so much to learn. One thing is for sure – if you love animals, you should definitely work with them! 

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