Are you thinking of having an iguana as a pet?

No matter what animal it is, owning a pet is a big responsibility because you need to know what they can eat. If you want to take care of a pet iguana, you need to know the right iguana diet.

There are different species of iguana that you can have as a pet. The good news is, despite their differences, their diet is similar to each other.

These are the five important things you need to know about the iguana diet. Read on to learn how you can take care of your new scaly companion.

1. Calcium Is a Must

As your pet iguana grows older, what they need the most is calcium. An iguana can absorb a specific type of vitamin D through their skin based on UV lights. However, since your pet iguana is likely to stay in the house, it’s expected that they have low absorption.

What’s great is that there are tons of dark green leafy vegetables that contain a lot of calcium. Things such as spinach can do the job if fed to your iguana. You can also opt for commercial iguana pellets to fulfill their calcium needs.

2. Sprinkle Vitamins and Supplements

If you think that your iguana needs more calcium, increasing the calcium in their diet is a must. However, your iguana may not want to eat more than it already did. In this case, you can always sprinkle some supplements into their food.

For growing iguanas, lightly sprinkle the powder at least 4-5 times a week. If your iguana is an adult, feed them multivitamins containing vitamin D twice a month.

3. Leafy Green Vegetables

The majority of the iguana diet consists of fiber to prevent gastrointestinal issues. You need to know which plants are good for your pet iguana, though. This is because there are greens that have low nutritional value for your iguana.

Choose leafy green vegetables that are high in fiber, which is what they need. Make sure to cut it into small pieces for easy consumption.

4. Fruits and Flowers

Fruits and flowers have good nutritional value for your pet iguana. Not only does it provide natural vitamins, but it also gives them enough hydration while eating. Add fruits to their food to keep their health and vitality up.

Don’t forget to cut or shred the fruits, flowers, and most of the food you will give to your iguana. This is because they don’t chew their food, but swallow it whole, instead.

5. Plenty of Water

Always give your pet iguana fresh water. Have it available for them all the time in a big bowl. This is because they don’t only need it for drinking, but also for cleaning themselves.

Reptiles have a special way of absorbing water through their skin. You can expect to see your iguana splashing around in the water from time to time. This makes it important to invest in a big container to avoid having the iguana spill it all over.

Know Your Iguana Diet Today

Taking care of your new pet iguana is easy as long as you know what they eat. Study the iguana diet and make sure they get the best food for their health! Keep them clean and feed them the right food today!

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