American households love pets; more than two-thirds of homes in the United States own a pet. While 56% of households had a pet in 1988, today the figure of 67% highlights our growing love of animals. 

Dogs are by far the most popular pet for US households, with 38% of homes owning one or more. By contrast, 25% of households own a pet. There are more than 76 million dogs in the US today, with an average of 1.6 dogs owned per household.

If you are considering opening a pet boarding facility, now is a great time to do so. In this blog post, we will look at five important things to consider before opening a pet boarding service.

Invest in Great Facilities

It’s important to ensure that your facility has a well-designed floor plan. There should be pick up and drop off areas, sleeping areas, and play areas. Each section should be closed off from the other and properly secured.

Designing your facility so that it is easy to keep an eye on every dog is crucial, as is keeping fighting dogs separated from each other.

Hire the Best Staff

Your staff should be animal lovers, but they should also be experienced in animal care. Staff with qualifications in animal care should be prioritized. Staff with outgoing personalities and a can-do attitude are hugely beneficial to your business.

Ensuring that you keep morale high and address any issues that arise with your staff is key to maintaining a well-functioning business.

Get Proper Insurance

This is a key point. Insurance is important in every business; without insurance one accident or slip-up could result in your business closing down.

Look for insurance coverage for each animal under your care of at least $2,000. Buy the best plan that you can afford as it will provide peace of mind even if the worst happens.

Market Your Business

As we’ve highlighted already, animals are hugely-loved across the US. Your business and its income are dependent on capturing the attention of animal owners. Your marketing plan should be optimized to target only animal owners and people in your target area.

Utilizing social media channels are essential in this modern age. A website gives your business credibility, while traditional newspaper and radio advertisements still have their place.

Make Hygiene Your Primary Focus

A hygienic and visibly clean boarding facility is critical to your business’s reputation, but also to the health and well-being of the animals under your care. Regular cleaning should be a priority for your staff.

Check out the best veterinary disinfectant products that you can use at your pet boarding facility and make hygiene your number one focus.

Create a Thriving Pet Boarding Business

With a focus on hygiene, staff, and facilities, you can establish a successful pet boarding business. Happy pets make happy owners, which in turn is great for your business.

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