Did you know that more people adopted pets throughout the pandemic? If your loved one is a new pet owner and their birthday’s coming up, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over gifts for pet parents. Your loved one or friend will feel loved and appreciated with your tailored gift.

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1. Dog Gift Basket

Put together a personalized dog gift basket for your friend or relative. Find a sturdy basket or container that can get reused later.

If you want to include bigger items like a dog bed or a large bowl, you could use the object as the holder. Fill it with dog treats, squeaky toys, a pet pillow, or portable water dishes.

You could also pick up the owner a cute pet-themed coffee mug or thermos.

Before putting the basket together, make sure you remove wrappers or tags. This way, the pet won’t swallow or chew on the tag.

Put the big items in the back of the gift basket. Place the smaller items throughout the container. Wrap the basket with pretty cellophane and top it with a bright red or green bow.

2. Holiday Theme Gift

Before you pick out a gift, consider the occasion. You could pick up a holiday-appropriate gift.

For a holiday, you could gift your friend or loved one a holiday dog sweater, a holiday dog bandana, or special baked goods.

3. Customized Gift Ideas

If you want to pick up a unique gift for the pet lover in your life, we have some ideas. Consider getting a custom artwork created of the owner’s pet.

You could order socks with their cat or dog’s face on them. Customize stickers, coffee mugs, or shirts.

For dog lovers, consider a cute candle. You can find candle shops online that will personalize the candle to a specific dog breed.

Other personalized gift ideas include an engraved ornament with the pet’s name, custom earrings, or a dog DNA test. The dog DNA test will reveal more about a person’s mixed pup’s heritage. 

4. Breed-Specific Gift

Pick up stationary, a planner, or a notebook decorated with their favorite dog breed. You can find all kinds of breed-specific gifts. If your friend owns a corgi, check out this guide on gifts for corgi owners.

5. Subscription Box

There are dog subscription boxes available. Sign your friend or relative up to a treat or dog toy subscription box for a month.

Your friend’s pet will love the box of treats or toys.

Now You Have Some Gift Ideas for Pet Parents

We hope this guide on gift-giving for pet parents was helpful. Have fun picking out gifts for pet parents. Consider getting a personalized gift like a mug, sweater, or tote bag with the pet’s image.

You could also sign up your friend for a toy or treat subscription box.

Are you looking for more helpful tips? Check out our wide variety of resources on pets and animals.