When the Internet was first invented, 52 percent of Americans began to use it. Today, Pew Research indicates that 93 percent of Americans are using it. Internet service is officially an essential service. However, it is also a very competitive one. You need it, you just don’t know who to get it from because there are so many providers out there that all want your business. 

In a Covid-19 world, we need our local connectivity more critically than we ever have before. When you are looking for an Internet service provider, you shouldn’t feel like you are lost in a sea of millions. Use these tips and be sure you keep these three critical things in mind when you are changing providers.

Go Local

Local programming and news are more important than ever today. You need to know what news is happening in your area. You also want to know what your local sports and communities are doing in a world of social distancing.

There are plenty of local providers. When looking for one, use terms like “high speed internet service Easton” for example. Insert your local city in the search engine, and you will find a lot of local providers willing to give you unique and individual service.

Choose High Speed

The FCC has a new speed test app that allows you to test your Internet speed. Check your Internet speed before you change providers, and ask the companies you are checking how their speed compares.

Change Providers Today

If you are feeling lost in a big sea of customers, go local when changing your internet service provider. You’ll save money, and have more critical information at your fingertips.