overgrown backyard

Nobody sets out to have an overgrown backyard, but time passes, and other things take priority to spending time getting it under control. Eventually, homeowners will not be able to ignore the mess of an overgrown backyard and must commit to cleaning it up.

By creating a plan first and enlisting as much help as possible, taming an overgrown backyard might only be a weekend project. Even when homeowners expect the process to take longer, tackling one area at a time will help them feel less overwhelmed.

Problems Caused by Overgrown Backyard Ivy

Although ivy can be a beautiful plant, it requires significant maintenance to avoid causing problems for homeowners. For example, ivy that grows near trees adds weight to the trees that leaves them at risk of blowing over in a strong wind.

Ivy can also wind around wooden fences and the siding of a home. Gaps appears on the wooden fence when the roots of an ivy plant attach to it. Unfortunately, that makes the fence even more attractive to termites and other pests that eat wood. The only way to avoid these problems is to devote time to maintaining the ivy plants.

Avoid Tackling an Overgrown Backyard by Hand

The best tools to use when clearing overgrown grass, bushes, and trees are a brush mower or string trimmer. Most hardware stores rent these pieces of equipment by the hour.

Running a brush mower over piles of branches will quickly convert them into small woodchips. A brush mower can also plow through tall grass without incurring damage. Using a string trimmer is a fast and efficient way to eliminate weeds.

Getting Rid of Unwanted Tree Stumps

Tree stumps are unsightly and are easy for homeowners and their guests to trip over while walking through the yard. These are two good reason to add tree stump removal to the backyard cleanup project.

People who want to remove stumps themselves will have an easier time if they rent a stump grinder from a hardware store. The process will go much faster than attempting to remove tree stumps with a shovel.

Those who are not up to the task can consider hiring a professional arborist.

Cleaning Up the Mess Left by Power Tools

After using the appropriate tools to cut down tall grass and weeds and trim overgrown branches, the next step is to pick everything up. Walking through the backyard with several large trash bags and a wheelbarrow will help the process go faster.

After filling a few garbage bags with yard debris, homeowners should place them in the trash can and return to fill up more. If the regular trash can becomes full too quickly, homeowners will need to contact their local waste management company to arrange alternative pickup options.

The Finishing Touches

Trimming bushes and tree branches and mowing the lawn with a regular lawnmower are the last steps involved with backyard cleanup. If the grass is still tall after using the brush mower earlier, the lawn mower should go on the highest setting.

Homeowners can complete the job the following day by turning the lawnmower setting down one notch. They should not forget to rake the loose grass clippings and any leftover debris on the lawn.