There are a couple different ways that these products are different. The main issue that has been solved by Lorina Troy in creating her line of candles and healthcare items is that of using synthetic or harmful substances in items such as candles, washes, and soaps. Because skin will range from person to person, the products that need to be used on them can vary as well.

However, there’s one thing that has seemed to stay constant through the spectrum. Most of the time, chemicals are harmful for your skin. Lorina troy noticed this when she lit a paraffin candle and realized that she was experiencing side effects because of the chemicals that she was burning inside the wax and then inhaling. Although this is a little different and they weren’t being applied to her skin, the issue is the same.

These ingredients were detrimental to her body. Instead of these products increasing her happiness and acting in a positive way, they were doing just the opposite! They were playing a negative role in her life! So, Lorina set out to make a change. She decided to launch Pure Beauty by Lorina and create multiple lines of natural and organic products that were paraffin free.

She has noted that since using these products that she’s created her skins has never looked healthier, smoother, and more youthful. Because so many products have chemicals in them that irritate your skin, the skin becomes harsh and dry. However, when using organic natural oils and ingredients, the skin is better moisturized, cleansed, and protects, which allows for better, more beautiful skin. Hence the name, Pure Beauty. She also noted that their skincare smells great. Many customers have commented that they really like the scent of their pineapple and papaya masks. These are two of their hot selling items right now. You’ll want to buy some before they’re all out.

Along with their skincare being chemical free, their main items that they sell are 100% soy candles. These candles were the main item that Lorina wished to produce because of her own negative experiences. Instead of using Paraffin, which is a chemical composed mainly of petroleum, she has substituted soy candles infused with essential oils. The scents of these candles are no longer superficial or fake. Instead, they are 100% organic real materials. These oils are all organic and provide a scent unlike those which are manufactured.

So, not only do they smell delicious and create a more happy lively environment, but they are also better for you. Trust me when I tell you that there’s a difference between having a candle that you know has been manufactured in a shop made of petroleum and having a candle hand crafted by Pure Beauty by Lorina. These candles speak for themselves. The scent is more pure because the ingredients are more pure. The air feels better. If you’d like a recommendation for your first candle as well, I would have to say Mango.