Amid the continued spread of COVID-19 and the Delta variant, local and federal guidelines for staying safe and preventing further contamination are changing regularly. As more information becomes available about this novel virus, and more statistics are examined, our practices and habits must adapt, but many people are still concerned about their personal autonomy as well. 

Vaccine hesitancy and skepticism over the efficacy of masking are still issues that are up for debate among some Americans. 

So, is there an answer to resolve the issues of both doing all that we can to protect ourselves and others, while maintaining our sense of self-governance when it comes to our own health? 

Part of the solution could be in at-home COVID-19 genetic risk assessment kits. These simple tests consider 16 comorbidities and genetic markers and improve risk prediction by 25% over standard clinical models. The test is easy to use and results come back within 5-7 days. 

Armed with the information about each individual’s personal risk of infection, each person can take responsibility for their own actions and adapt their behaviors based on the knowledge of their own genetic makeup. 

We should all be doing all we can to stop the spread of infection, and adherence with government mandates should be followed, but optional guidelines can be left in the hands of the informed individual.

Fighting COVID-19: Know Your Risk