Maintaining a healthy and beautiful body is an uneasy task for a lot of people especially those who find it difficult to exercise dietary discipline. Several factors can contribute to obesity including eating disorders, genetics, and other health challenges. It’s not just about how much food or what kind of food you eat. The good news is that there are options available to people who are struggling to lose weight.

Conventional Options for Losing Weight

The most mainstream way to lose weight is by working out and controlling calorie intake. However, these methods aren’t always effective or easy to accomplish. Weight loss surgeries have also been gaining a lot of popularity in recent times but not everyone can afford it. An affordable alternative and safer alternative to aiding your weight loss journey is the installation of a gastric balloon system.

Being overweight is not always a spontaneous condition. It is often a result of health challenges or unhealthy lifestyle habits as stated above. Generally, this is how it works; the body requires a certain amount of calories to carry out daily functions. These calories are traditionally gotten from consumed food. If you consume less than the required amount of calories for daily function, the body will look to stored fat to burn as fuel for daily activities.

Over time, this caloric deficit leads to a reduction in body mass. On the contrary, If you consume more than the required amount of needed calories, the body will have more than enough resources for its daily activities and will store excess calories as fats thereby increasing body mass i.e increase in weight. Keep in mind that several factors contribute to determining the total calories burnt. However, by reducing how much you eat and increasing how many calories your body burns, you can lose unwanted weight.

Gastric Balloon System for Turbocharging Weight Loss

Processes like bariatric surgical processes for weight loss, the gastric balloon is a popular alternative that will significantly speed up the weight loss process. You will not need to spend unrealistic hours in the gym or undergo obligatory fasts, although diet control is still a prerequisite to undergo these processes. This procedure is effective, safe, and only enhances and fastens the natural weight loss process.

How Does the Gastric Balloon System Work?

A Gastric balloon is an inflatable medical device which when embedded into the stomach through the mouth, reduces the volume of the stomach. This device creates little room for food in the stomach so that an individual can attain satiety upon consumption of a small amount of food. This device usually stays up to 6 months in the stomach to achieve an optimal result and has minimal side effects. However, not all gastric balloons are created equal. One of the best in the market at the time of writing was the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon system.

Benefits of the Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon

Traditional gastric balloons might be safer than surgery, but they are not without flaws. The greatest shortcomings of gastric balloons are balloon longevity and adjustability. These are the primary reasons for the development of the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon.

Regular gastric balloons can only remain inflated and usually lose their efficiency after four months. This has no doubt affected expected results negatively. Spatz3, the only adjustable gastric balloon in the world, doesn’t have this problem. This device created by Spatz Medical is a game-changer and is the best one can employ if optimal weight transformation.

Spatz3 is adjustable in such a way that the volume can be increased (inflation) and decreased (deflation) to achieve optimal weight loss. The “Volume-Adjust Up” function of Spatz3 allows you to inflate the balloon to prevent weight gain as your calorie needs change. When weight loss is observed to be too rapid, the balloon can be deflated using the “Volume-Adjust Down” function to slow it down.

Spatz3 can last for up to six months or longer in the stomach and still be as effective as it was on the first day. According to clinical trials conducted by Spatz Medical US, Spatz3 yielded the best result compared to other no adjustable gastric balloons subjected to the experiment.


You don’t need to go through this weight loss journey unaided and you don’t need to subject yourself to potentially life-threatening surgeries either. With an adjustable gastric balloon, you can turbocharge your weight loss.