Entrepreneur and NFT Investor Ryan Hoggan

Ryan Hoggan is one of the most famous figures in the cryptocurrency and NFT investment field. He has been exploring the vast world of cryptocurrencies over the years, and he has found a few interesting cryptocurrencies that are a little more exciting than others.


Uniswap has been growing in popularity for how it helps people swap ERC20 tokens. But the most popular part of Uniswap is that it provides people access to trading without spending any platform fees.

“The problem with so many cryptocurrencies is that they include immense fees for transactions,” Hoggan says. “Uniswap’s simple interface and ability to work without fees will make it a worthwhile coin for investing. Uniswap’s trading volume has boosted in the last few months thanks to this feature.”


Polkadot has been around for a few years, but it is expected to become more valuable soon. Hoggan says that Polkadot provides support for allowing unique chains to communicate with different blockchains.

“These ‘parachains’ make it easier for blockchains to link together, allowing for proper communication,” he remarks.


Stellar is another popular choice that is growing for how it lets people transfer digital currency to fiat money. “With so many people investing in art NFTs, people will need to find a way to exchange their profits into fiat money,” Hoggan says.

“Stellar will work as NFTs become more popular, especially when taking advantage of the profits they earn off of cryptocurrencies. You can switch to any other cryptocurrency or fiat currency through Stellar.”


Chainlink is another option that Hoggan enjoys. He links Chainlink for how it can link to external data sources. “You can get Chainlink to work with any API,” he says.

“Anyone can establish a connection with Chainlink and start trading with it in moments. It is a popular choice for work for how versatile it will become, especially as more new blockchains are established and people aim to develop new solutions.”


Many news stories have popped up about how cryptocurrencies cost lots of money to manage. The mining and transfer process for many coins can be tough, especially since you need excessive amounts of energy when mining coins. But Cardano is a different choice that has a smaller footprint.

“People are becoming more aware of how hard it is for people to mine currencies,” Hoggan says. “Cardano is easier to handle, as it does not require as much energy to mine. It also requires less energy for each transaction. I expect people to start flocking to Cardano once they realize that transactions through Cardano are faster and cheaper to manage.”

It is exciting to see how the cryptocurrency industry will grow. Ryan Hoggan’s belief is that the crypto field will keep on growing and that people will find many new ways to benefit from the industry.

The investments he’s been looking at the most are some of the most interesting ones for people to spot.

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