Most remote workers appreciate their job arrangements. 78% want to keep working from home for the rest of their career. The benefits are obvious: no commute, a comfortable environment, and more flexibility are popular perks. 

As great as remote work is, it can improve. Right now, digital work is fractured. To complete their tasks, employees use an average of 9 apps every day. Constantly switching between tasks (and, at times, devices) adds up to a 40% loss in productivity. Another drain on time and attention are remote meetings. 83% of employees spend up to a third of their work week in video meetings, but 42% contribute nothing to the discussion. 

Most people wish they spent less time on video calls. Zoom fatigue remains a prevalent issue for digital employees. Being “trapped” in front of a computer screen with a camera trained on one’s person is one of the worst parts of digital work, mentally.
How can companies build a digital office for their remote workers? Giving a digital location for work events, complete with “floors” and “rooms,” can bring some of the better parts of office work back. By consolidating in one place on the web, companies reduce task switching.

The Future of Work & Online Events