For patients, the stress of having any medical procedure done can be more than enough to handle, much less the additional stress of dealing with the cost and insurance coverage. 

Unfortunately, too often, it’s not a simple matter of giving insurance information and having the cost covered. Errors happen regularly and patients can either end up not being covered or end up owing more out of pocket than they had anticipated. 

This is often the downside of information being entered only manually without automatic processes in place. 

In many industries, AI has taken the place of some manual processes and is saving time, money, and significantly reducing the risk of errors in these spaces. The same can be true of data regarding patient information and insurance coverage in the medical industry. 

Implementing automatic insurance card scan capture with AI would save billions of dollars across the board and would help administrative staff to operate more efficiently, being able to focus on other things rather than spending hours on correcting errors. 

Sometimes these errors can happen with incorrect information given by the patient, outdated insurance information, or by information being entered incorrectly. Whatever the case, AI can effectively eliminate it, freeing up valuable time and money, as well as helping patients to have a more accurate understanding of their financial responsibility for procedures.

Insurance Capture & Verification Automation Matters More Than Ever
Source: OrbitHC