Regardless of where one is trying to move in life, few resources are as powerful as the people one knows. It’s no secret that the kid of a business executive will probably have things a bit easier. It’s no longer just family though, alumni networks are pervasive across the world. Learning where these networks are most common and what exactly they do is key to success in the modern world.

Two distinct categories arise when thinking about alumni, colleges and corporations. Colleges have one distinct goal and resource from their alumni, funding. Many colleges are funded at least in part, if not mostly, by alumni. Corporations on the other hand have a much wider spread of alumni resources. Things like building a labor pool, increasing sales, boosting development, and connecting new hires to mentors.

This means that the alumni of colleges and corporations occupy very different spaces. Regardless, there are some common themes to keep in mind when in an alumni network. These are things like staying updated in the network. One may be an alumni or attempting to get in contact with one, and knowledge goes a long way regardless. 

Another powerful tip for current alumni is to try to move into a committee role. This offers more direct connections with others and general opportunity. Whereas for those looking to contact an alumni, make sure the meeting is formal and respectful. Alumni groups are formed around the ideals of community, but also accomplishment and prestige. 

These are the ways to stay relevant in the alumni community. It’s not too terribly hard, and there will be a lot of variance across industries. But even a little will always goes a long way. And in a world where alumni networks are only growing in scope, understanding them is no longer a choice. It is a necessity.

The Power of Influence Networks
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