While we can say that the pandemic has brought a lot of complications when it comes to the workforce, it also brought up the conversation of a new way to work: remote work. Not only has it brought a way for people to be safe and still make a living, but it also allowed workers to spend more time with their loved ones and focus on their lives outside of work. 

To bring it into numbers, Executive Placements conducted a study interviewing workers about their thoughts about the jobs of the future, and here are the results of the study: 

32% of respondents said that they have quit their jobs because they weren’t allowed to work remotely

  • 61% would switch jobs for the opportunity to work from home – That jumps to 100% for workers between 18 and 24.

91% of the same respondents said they are happier at work when they have flexible hours and the option to work remotely.

  • Respondents also discussed how their lives were improved outside of work:
    • 61% said their savings have improved 
    • 66% said that remote work has given them the flexibility to attend to family life
    • 62% said that overall morale has improved greatly

Jobs and workplaces will change to adjust to the changing needs of employees. Given the study, the need seems to be focused on work-life balance. While the remote option cannot apply to all types to work, it does open new doors of employment than the traditional 9-to-5 grind.

Jobs Of The Future
Source: ExecutivePlacements.com