While cities like New York and LA hold almost all of the prestige of U.S cities. There are more than a few other cities in America that are really great. While it may not have the cultural density that New York does, there are few cities as livable as Louisville. A city that has low prices, great weather, positive culture, and amazing events.

When thinking about a city, the appeal of events and excitement can’t be denied. Luckily, Louisville is not lacking in these departments. From the Kentucky Derby to one of the biggest art shows in the country, to an active nightlife, Louisville’s busy. Yet Louisville also has a softer side that many lack.

Waterfront Park, the Falls of the Ohio State park, Bernheim Forest, Louisville has many gorgeous areas. And best of all the weather is good enough to enjoy their beauty. Louisville has all four seasons, but with summers that aren’t too hot and winters that aren’t too cold. The high in summer averages 88 degrees fahrenheit and the low in winter averages 26. 

Louisville also has reasonable prices. The cost of living in Louisville is not only low in its county, but is low in the country. It’s in the bottom 50% of housing prices, and that’s talking about cities and rural areas alike. It’s rare to find a place that is both exciting and reasonably priced, but Louisville fills the niche. 
Ultimately no city has everything, but few cities have it all like Louisville does. Louisville is a livable city because it doesn’t sacrifice prices or nature. It has a dense culture, it has amazing restaurants and events, and it is beautiful on top of it all. Not everyone wants to live in a city, but for those that do, there are few like Louisville. Learn more about Louisville real estate in the infographic below:

What Makes Louisville A Great Place To Live?
Source: Finish Line Realty