As a pet owner, saving money is key to making sure that your animal lives long and happily. By adopting smart saving practices you can maintain their wellbeing without going broke.

Of course, pet supplies like food and bedding can cost quite a lot up front; however, you could save hundreds in the long run by shopping around and using discount gift cards and manufacturers’ coupons to find essentials for your furry friend.

Invest in a Pet Insurance Policy

As a pet owner, investing in pet insurance will save you both money and enable you to provide your companion with top-of-the-line medical care, and not just from the pet breeder.

Save on pet insurance premiums by paying upfront and receiving a discount – this shows the company you are committed for the long term!

Pets are integral members of many households and deserve to lead long, healthy lives. Unfortunately, for most pet owners it would be unaffordable to pay thousands in emergency expenses that could have been avoided with just some preventative steps taken beforehand.

Schedule Regular Vet Checkups

Regular vet checkups are crucial to your pet’s wellbeing. By early diagnosing illnesses and treating them promptly, regular visits will reduce invasive treatments and save on costs associated with unnecessary medical procedures.

Your vet will examine your pet to check vital signs, such as heart rate, temperature and respiration rates. They’ll also administer blood and fecal tests.

An average wellness visit to the vet typically costs $50-$100, but costs can skyrocket in case your pet becomes sick or needs surgery. Pet insurance offers valuable savings against such financial strain.

Save on Dental Procedures

Many would rather stay home than visit the dentist, but preventive dentistry can save money on dental procedures. By stopping common problems before they arise and decreasing restorative work expenses.

Consider enrolling in a discount dental plan as another way to save on dental procedures, as this alternative to insurance provides discounts of 10-60 percent on preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental services. Many plans offer discounted rates through their network of participating dentists who offer member rates.

Shop Around for Pet Boarding

Assuming that boarding your pet would cost more than simply leaving them at home can actually work out cheaper – you have more freedom in finding a great price and facilities that suit their individual needs.

Your first step should be speaking with friends and family who board their pets, or conducting your research online. Once you’ve chosen several boarding options, do trial runs with your pet before booking their full stay.

Get Crafty

Although expensive toys, food, treats, and clothing for your pet may cost quite a lot, there are ways you can cut costs without diminishing its quality of life.

Repurposing old items that might otherwise end up in the trash, like an end table or chair, is an easy and economical way to create durable cat or dog beds and condos that your animal companion will appreciate. Simply using appropriate materials and adhesives can produce long-term solutions they will adore!

DIY Your Pet’s Space

Pets bring great joy into our lives, but they also leave behind a trail of dirt and fur that’s difficult to manage. To help manage this mess more effectively, give your furry pal their own personal space where they can relax.

Start small by undertaking an easy DIY project like creating a dog or cat nook in an unoccupied corner or under the stairs and furnish it with pieces that blend in seamlessly to the room.