3 Care Tips for Keeping Your Jewelry Safe Around Your Pets

Almost every pet owner has learned the hard way that pets and valuables don’t always mix. Those valuables include jewelry and watches. If animals are part of your life, you may be wondering if there’s a way to ensure that your jewelry pieces are safe. In fact, you may be searching for ways to protect your jewelry from pets because you’ve recently had an experience where a pet damaged an item that was valuable to you. Here are three effective tips for keeping your jewelry safe and secure around your pets.

1. Invest in a Jewelry Cabinet

A dedicated jewelry cabinet can be a great place to store your jewelry pieces far out of reach of a pet. Some jewelry cabinets can even be mounted to a wall to ensure that they can never be knocked over. Getting in the habit of putting your jewelry back into a cabinet after taking it off is a terrific way to reduce the risk of jewelry items being left in reach of a pet. The bonus of using a jewelry cabinet is that you’ll be able to keep your jewelry collection organized. What’s more, properly storing jewelry in special compartments can prevent tangling and breakage.

2. Get in the Habit of Removing Jewelry Before Playtime With Your Pet

It’s not realistic to try to avoid wearing jewelry around your pet. The good news is that regular activities that you do with your pet on a daily basis don’t necessarily pose risks for jewelry being damaged or lost. However, one smart habit is to remove your jewelry whenever you’re planning some dedicated pet time. This can include taking a walk, playing in the yard, napping with your pet, or grooming your pet. These types of interactions can simply make it more likely that jewelry will be tugged at, pulled on, or pawed at. What’s more, removing earrings prior to heavy physical contact with your pet can help prevent the risk of earrings being pulled out of your ears.

3. Have a Plan for Getting Jewelry Repaired as Quickly as Possible

The truth is that there’s no guaranteed way to prevent jewelry from being broken. Life happens! That’s why having a go-to jewelry repair company to help you quickly repair pieces that are either valuable or sentimentally significant is so essential for every pet owner! Getting a piece of jewelry repaired is something that should be handled as quickly as possible after a piece is broken or damaged.

Unfortunately, holding on to a broken jewelry item with the idea that you’ll get it fixed “eventually” puts you at risk of forgetting to get the piece fixed, losing key components that are needed to make a seamless repair, or misplacing the broken jewelry piece. It’s even possible that another household member may toss the broken jewelry item away because they assume that it’s no longer wanted. Finally, leaving broken jewelry around your home also creates the risk that a curious cat or dog may ingest pieces. Procrastinating on jewelry repairs can lead to the loss of sentimental and valuable items.