When we’re young, we don’t think too much about our bone health. We count on having nice strong bones that don’t break and provide ease of movement.

But as we get older, our bones become thin. They break easily causing pain and limited movement. They wear down, and when they do, they are not easily replaced by new bone.

Fortunately, the right nutrition will boost women’s bone health and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Here are some things you will be wanting to add to your diet.

Foods You Should Be Eating for Strong Bones

There are several supplements that are vital in building strong bones. Here are some you should be adding to your diet.

·  Calcium: Calcium is highly recommended as it is the building block of strong bones.

·  Vitamin D: Vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium, making it an essential nutrient.

·  Magnesium: Magnesium works with calcium to maintain strong bones.

·  Vitamin K: This vitamin helps bind calcium to bones.

·  Boron: Boron enables the body to use calcium effectively.

·  Silicon: Silicon is recommended for strong bones, tendons, and ligaments.

Here are some foods that are rich in the nutrients that will help your bones stay strong.

·  Broccoli

·  Almonds

·  Canned Sardines

·  Salmon

·  Leafy green vegetables

·  Beans

·  Juices

·  Bottled water

·  Soy and rice milk

·  Breads

·  Cereals

Exercise Can Help

Exercise will also help you maintain bone mass. Weight bearing and muscle-strengthening workouts will be most effective.

Weight bearing exercises are aerobic exercises that require you to be on your feet, so your bones support your weight. They include:

·  Dancing

·  Hiking

·  Using the elliptical or stair machine

·  Tennis

·  Jogging or running

Muscle strengthening exercises involve moving your body against another weight or an object that creates a resistance against gravity. Here are some examples:

·  Lifting weights

·  Using elastic bands (Pilates is a good example)

·  Lifting your own body weight (such as push ups and pull ups)

·  Functional movements like standing and rising on your toes

Try Bone Health Support Supplements

If you have trouble getting enough high calcium food in your diet, you may prefer to take a supplement instead. It is important to make sure the supplement you’re taking contains pure, potent ingredients that will provide you with the best possible results.

If you’re looking for a supplement that will be effective in boosting your bone health, try Ancient Nutrition’s Ancient Multi 40+ Once Daily.

The Ancient Nutrition brand combines ancient and modern elements to create bone broth protein powders that are effective in providing optimal health. Their Multi 40+ Once Daily is a whole food dietary supplement that is rich in vitamin K, vitamin D, calcium, and several other vitamins and minerals. In addition to building strong bones, it also supports healthy sleep, energy levels, and thyroid health.

Bone health is an important component for a high quality of life. The tips in this article will keep women’s bones strong reducing the risk of osteoporosis occurring as you get older. What do you like to do to keep your bones strong?